Horse Buyer Beware

Horse Buyer Beware




Do you have an actual bill of sale for your horse? Did you know that registration papers are NOT legal proof you own the horse? A dated bill of sale is the only legally recognized contract to prove you actually own your horse.

According to the non-profit group, Stolen Horse International, also known as, just about any horse can be sold or stolen quickly, easily and sometimes legally. Even from a trusted friend, you would be hard-pressed to prosecute or even get him back!

When is it legal to sell a horse that isn’t yours? Apparently, more often than you would like to believe.

Take the story of a woman who was moving from North Carolina to North Dakota last year. She left her horses in North Carolina with a friend, paid board and told her she would send transport for her horses within the next six months, as soon as she had settled in her new home. When it came time to transport the horses, phone calls to her friend, the stable owner, went unanswered. Finally, an answer was sent – the lady’s horses had both died in a storm. 

Devastated, the woman contacted a veterinarian, who serviced the farm where her horses were boarded in North Carolina. The veterinarian went to the farm, but was refused entrance. At this point the police were called to the farm to investigate by the distraught owner. The police were told that the horses were abandoned and the stable owner had sold the horses.

Continue reading this excellent article by Lori Ricigliano. Click here.

NetPosse Note: In many cases, registration papers may not be considered proof of ownership by the breed association. Check with your association to be sure.  In some of the states, the state brand registry may consider them as proof of ownership. The question, will they hold up in court should you find yourself in that situation. It is best to have several types of equine proof of ownership with both a paperwork trail and equine identification. You may want to register your horses in our NETPOSSE ID RECORD KEEPING REGISTRY. There is no other proof of ownership registry for all types of equine identification combined with your records on the horse available. 



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