Police blotter report: Internet Horse Scam Reported

Posted at Thursday, January 5, 2012 in General

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Rochester, New York - Jan. 6, 2012 - Horse scam reported: A Basket Road woman said Dec. 22 that she had been scammed in an attempt to buy a Friesian horse for $3,000 over the Internet. The woman said she sent an $850 down payment by wire to the reputed seller in Texas but didn’t hear back, and later learned other potential buyers had reported they had been swindled, too.

There are many ways to be scammed via the internet and Stolen Horse International has had our fair share of reports relating to internet scams.

Please read the press relase below to learn how one of our victims was scammed out of a horse and transport money. Thank to our NetPosse Alerts we were able to help solve this case.

NetPosse.com reports horse found when shipper vanishes during transport after internet sell of horse

There was no transport and the horse had already been sold to someone else.  

Police blotter resource http://www.democratandchronicle.com/article/20120107/NEWS05/120106037

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Posted by Debi Metcalfe

Founder of SHI