One goes home, two confirmed safe! The battle will continue in Court.

Posted at Wednesday, October 24, 2018 in Report Updates

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 NetPosse Alert Update for NR006610 - MISSING EQUINE ALERT, Civil- Smoking Honey, Pitchfork, Whiskey - AR

All horses have been located and the owner is in possession of the mare Smoking Honey aka Black. The whereabouts for Pitchfork and Whiskey is known they are safe, confirmed by Law Enforcement.

Stolen Horse International™ aka NetPosse has done what we are here to do--the horses are located and safe! This case is now up to the Court of Law.

We have spent countless hours and days sifting through information from parties involved, phone calls have been made including but not limited to DA, Detective and hours on conference calls sorting out the information.

We received a Rebuttal on the report on  October 22, 2018. , We then began processing that report and comparing the information with the information we had already received on the case.

We asked for additional information until late Tuesday night, information that we never received.  With the help of law enforcement we have found that the Rebuttal is inconclusive.

The Washington county DA's office has ruled that there is not enough information for a criminal case at this time. That could change if new or more compelling evidence is introduced for their office.

This case can now be filed in civil court. Once this case goes through the court system we will update the report with any information we receive.

Civil cases are a huge challenge when the location of the horses is unknown, which is why we help victims in these types of situations. It is most often easier to navigate through civil court when you know who has the horses and where they are located.

Now it is up ot the courts to sort through the mounds of documents we have received  and rule on as case. The owner of the horses will be filing against the people involved. There may be other court cases surrounding these horses as well from other concerned parties.

In a civil case once the horse is located the rest is up to the Courts to decide, we are here to locate the horse and then let the law sort out the rights and wrongs. We still avail ourselves to be there for victims to offer our support and guidance when possible.

There are many lessons to be learned throughout this case for horse owners. It is our hope that by allowing this case to unfold in real time on social media someone, somewhere will learn to take the extra precautions to protect themselves and the horses.

If this case helps one horse and keeps one person from becoming a victim, it is worth the hours that we put into helping this victim.

Stolen Horse International™ would like to thank our supporters for believing in us, supporting our NetPosse Alerts.  Stepping up to share our post and getting the word out as quickly as possible helped locate these horses. Together we make a difference!

If you or someone you know has experienced a similar situation with a trainer or facility, please let us know.

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Related to Report: NR006610

Posted by Dawn Thomson

Case Manager NY