Finding Willie, the Rest of this Emotional Story

Posted at Saturday, April 21, 2018 in Report Updates

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After an emotionally taxing week, I decided to head to the barn this evening for a little spring cleaning and a heavy dose of some much needed horse therapy. I went through and cleaned all of my tack and came upon Willie’s old bridle.

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Willie and I hung up our stirrups many moons ago because of his arthritis but cleaning his retired well-loved leather brought back a wave of memories. Seeing little gray hairs imbedded into the brow band made me well up with tears knowing that I may never have the opportunity to pat his ever changing coat again. I didn’t have it in me to scrub the bit that still had some remaining pieces of grass that he had snuck on one of our last rides together. What’s now a distant memory somehow feels just like yesterday. Lazy and leisurely hacks in the field without a care in the world.

I’m staying strong but this has taken an unfathomable emotional toll on me. I know Fallon is out of jail and potentially back in school. I wonder if she realized the pain she’d be putting me through the day she picked up Willie. I hugged her and said “thank you” before she drove off only to now know that Willie never made it to the forever home that was promised for him. My heart drops to my stomach and I’m instantly nauseated every time I replay that day in my head.

All I want to know is where my horse went and what happened to him. I’m praying for answers so can I can at least have some closure and so my heart can begin to heal.

We are now up to 33 victims. 49 horses, 1 mini mule, 1 donkey and 2 goats. The story is much bigger than Willie and we need all the help we can get. Please continue to pray and share as we spread awareness of these missing horses. By continuing to share our story, we hope that no other horse owner has to endure this heartache too.

By Lindsay Anne

Click here to view Willie's webpage: 

Go to the bottom of Willie's webpage to see all the victims involved in this case. 

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Related to Report: NR005422

Posted by Debi Metcalfe

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