Horse put down after being hit on TX road. Do you know this horse?

Horse put down after being hit on TX road. Do you know this horse?

25 April 2011

Horse put down after being hit on Auburn Road
Archie Ingersoll | The Journal Gazette l Published: April 25, 2011 3:00 a.m.

A loose horse that was struck by a vehicle Sunday in north Fort Wayne suffered injuries serious enough that it had to be euthanized, said Belinda Lewis, the director of the city’s Animal Care & Control division.

Between 6 and 7 a.m., a driver called authorities to report that she’d collided head-on with a horse in the middle of Auburn Road. “It was dark out. The horse went down and stayed down for a few minutes, got up and ran away before any officials got here,” Lewis said, adding that the vehicle was significantly damaged and that the driver was not hurt.

A search for the horse Sunday morning was unsuccessful, but in the afternoon, a passer-by reported seeing it along Auburn Road, an area with rolling terrain and woods. Near a house in the 8400 block of Auburn, animal control officers caught the horse. Lewis, who’s not accustomed to handling horses, fashioned a halter using a dog leash to help control the skittish animal, which appeared to be a quarter horse.

On Sunday, veterinarian Grant Minnemeyer was called to assess the injured horse. He arrived about 4 p.m. and determined the animal was suffering from shock, severe pain and internal hemorrhaging. Minnemeyer, with Conley and Koontz Equine Hospital in Columbia City, ruled that “the only humane thing to do at this point was euthanasia,” Lewis said. “He said there was no question.”

Continue full article at the Journal Gazette Commentary: Could this horse belong to someone you know? Take a look a this article and the picture of the animal. Perhaps you can help bring closure to a family that are missing their horses and have not idea where they are or what happen to them. Never underestimate the power of one.

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