Missing Horse Poncho Is Home!!!

Missing Horse Poncho Is Home!!!

11 August 2020



We at Stolen Horse International-NetPosse.com want to thank everyone who helped in any way to disseminate the information for Poncho today. We heard from his owner, Holly Krepps, this afternoon with good news.

Here is what Holly says, "This day has been filled with God's angels. Beginning with a phone call and then a gracious and giving neighbor with a trailer. . . Poncho was found on another ridge separated by steep rough country and valleys. He's in good shape and home." 

"It was an adventure consisting of an epic storm, 20 degrees drop in temperatures, hours of driving narrow rough roads through places I've never been and would have no reason to go, anticipation, silent prayers, and then a total surrender saying, "let's call it." And there he stood! Thank you for all of the sharing and searching. I'm eternally grateful and it played a part in his return!"

"A young woman who had seen all of the posts. She said she thought there was a paint horse in someone's front yard. By the time we got there the gate was locked and he was gone. Continued to search in some rough country I've never been in and can't believe someone lives in."

Stolen Horse International posted the NetPosse Alert for Poncho around 11 a.m. on August 11, 2020. In just a few hours the people reach was 10,114  and there were 497 shares on one post on the Stolen Horse International-NetPosse.com Facebook page.  Click here to go to that post. 

When Holly was asked if she thought the NetPosse Alert post helped, she replied, "YES!"

Again, we want to thank you all for helping in any way that you could. Your shares matter!
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Poncho has been recovered. 



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