Search For An Army Veteran's Horses Missing Since Hurricane Harvey Has Ended

Posted at Saturday, November 11, 2017 in General

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It is with a very sad heart that we update you all today on the search for Gus & Bronco who went missing after Hurricane Harvey.

I whisper back I am the storm..”~ Tammy Toups

We have been searching diligently for the boys for weeks along with their owner, Tammy Toups, and her daughter, Kat Undone. No stone was unturned. Unfortunately, on Wednesday November 8, 2017, Gus’ body was located not far from Tammy’s home. This was very devastating to Tammy and her family and affected us all tremendously. The search continued for Bronco and on Friday November 10, 2017, Bronco’s body was located. We have been there for Tammy, Kat and their family through every step of this journey. While the outcome of the search for Gus and Bronco is definitely not what any of us had hoped for, there is one thing for certain, we have made lifelong friends with Tammy & Kat!

From Tammy over the last several days during this very difficult time: “I will hold on to my boys every day in my heart... in my thoughts... and in my actions... I will honor them in death as I always have in life. We will get through today... and work on tomorrow... and eventually the experiences we have can be brought forward in a positive way to help others. I pray for love... for peace... and for understanding as we move through well as the many other encounters that test our human nature... God Bless you all...Thank you for everything. Thank you for the love, I am speechless, lost. Thank you for being there. More than words can express...thank you...

As many of you know that have followed this search, Tammy Toups is a veteran of the United States Army.
We thank you Tammy for having fought for our country and most of all for being our friend!
You are truly an amazing lady!

We would also like to thank every individual that assisted in getting the word out and searching for Gus & Bronco.!

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Related to Report: NR005344

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