Rest in Peace Paint Job By Chance, aka PJ

Posted at Thursday, September 8, 2016 in Report Updates

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SAD UPDATE ON PJ from Stolen Horse International, Inc. aka We've know for a long time today but out of respect we wanted to give PJ's owner time to process his lost and post first. Please take time to read Christian Pfiffner note about finding PJ. Thanks to all who helped in his search. 

Here is Nobility Without Conceit,
Friendship Without Envy,
Beauty Without Vanity,
A Willing Servant, yet never a slave.

We did find PJ. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the outcome me, my family, my friends or PJ’s Face Book supporters wanted. We found PJ on the outside of the perimeter fence trying to get back with his herd. The area was obviously checked previously, but PJ wondered into this area in a ravine that made it difficult to see him, and there was no reason to go back and check this area daily. He had probably been hiding in the taller willows at the bottom of a ravine where the soil was damp and cool trying to stay out of the sun.

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PJ was an honest happy horse, with a big heart, a big motor, and lot’s of chrome. There wasn’t a bad bone in his body. Thinking about his personality and this experience on the way home, I realized we can all learn from our animal companions how to better live life. We choose to follow the sentiment of the short poem above. Moving forward, we are choosing to look at the positive things that came from this experience, in order to help heal the hurt. It is our sincere wish that everyone reading these words does the same. We’ve worked hard to not get or be angry through it all. I learned during my parent’s medical issues, anger was a waste of time and energy. It would have kept me from being focused on getting them healthy. Now it’s time to be focused and get me and my family healthy.

To everyone, and there’s a lot of everyone’s-- there is no way we could have gone through the last week without you help and support. To the Stolen Horses International team, you are angels walking amongst us. We wish LA could have had your help. How you deal with the despair and the ugliness of the world you work, in we’ll never know. But we’re grateful you were there for us!

Our big fear right now is there will be a big let down by everyone following Pj’s story, because we were not able to bring PJ home in the trailer and put him in the back with the rest of our horses. Please, please, please promise us you will help the next desperate plea from a person hoping to find their missing horse or dog. Doing nothing is easy… doing the right thing is hard. We promise to do the right thing!!

Thank you for your love, your prayers and your compassion,

PJ, Chris, and Dee

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Related to Report: NR005028

Posted by Debi Metcalfe

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