Doesn't matter if they don't take them all when the one they take is YOURS!

Doesn't matter if they don't take them all when the one they take is YOURS!

20 September 2011

From Crook, UK, we have the story of a Dutch Warmblood cross 5 year-old gelding stolen from a field full of other horses by thieves who cut the chain on the gate. The gate was locked at 7 pm on Saturday evening and the theft discovered at 8 am on Sunday.

The bay pinto (skewbald) with a white face was in a field next to a riding stable near Church Hill. Authorities are looking for the thieves.[i]

In a related story, Rusty, a 15-year old strawberry roan pony, the property of two sisters, is now the subject of a £1000 (~$1900 USD) reward after being stolen from a farm near Brynteg, Wrexham, UK. The sisters are Megan, 11, and Amy, 8, Watson, but with their parents, they have launched a Facebook campaign to help locate their precious pony and bring him home.

Mother Jo Watson is quoted as saying, “It’s not until you have horses that you realise how special they are. Rusty and Megan in particular have grown together as a partnership. The pony is everything to her.”

There has been a crime wave in the area with thieves taking everything from livestock to scrap metal such as iron gates, church bells, and rusted cattle stanchions. Statistics have thefts up 325% in the past year just in rural areas. Thieves have been known to steal the gates from fields containing animals, which might have allowed valuable stock out onto roadways endangering them and passing motorists.[ii]




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