Hurricane Irene Three - The Faces of Hope

Hurricane Irene Three - The Faces of Hope

03 September 2011

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by Debi Metcalfe, September 7, 2011

"Look what one volunteer can do!"

On Tuesday, September 6, 2011 long time NetPosse Volunteer Lisa Lee was able to go to Fultonham, NY and visit with Leland Neff, owner of the 22 horses missing in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, none of which have been found as of this date.

Lisa says, “Now that the roads are open Leland is getting more support along with the Internet support he has received since this tragedy happened.” She continues, “I met with him and had a nice chat and visit with the four horses that survived the storm.”

After leaving Leland she headed up the road to North Blenheim to check on the three horses in the video along with other horse that had been posted with the three later on the internet.

Luck was with Lisa and she was able to locate the horse and they are HOME! – Lisa met their owner who told her he had no idea his horses had been on the internet and received so much exposure.

The owner told Lisa that on the day of the storm he went out to the barn to turn the horses loose when the creek started to rise suddenly. He thought that if they were loose they had a better chance than in the barn, which at that time was already knee-deep in water. He turned them out and they tried to go back in the barn!

He and his family had to lead all four horses through waist deep water up their driveway and let them go on higher ground at the town highway garage next door. The video was taken near that spot so his horses had not gone far from home.

His house was flooded and parts of the main farm was torn down by the creek but his horses are safe and with no injuries.

Lisa says, “They came up from the pasture when he called, and they were all very friendly and social. I thought everyone might like a GOOD story!”

And “Yes, Lisa, you thought right!" We all need good stories like this one. There is hope for the horses missing in every storm.

And on a personal note to Lisa, thank you so much for taking your time to check on Leland for me and the horses in the video. And, thank you for all that you have done behind the scenes helping me with Stolen Horse International!! It is these unseen kind deeds that help us continue to help others the way we do! Never Underestimate the Power of One!

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