IN THE NEWS - Runaway horse found safe in Oregon creek

IN THE NEWS - Runaway horse found safe in Oregon creek

09 March 2021



Ann Brewer's neighbor’s horses had gotten out. The horses were recovered quickly enough — but, unbeknownst to Brewer, the flurry of activity had panicked her 14-year-old Hanoverian/Thoroughbred dressage horse, Mister. The horse had bolted from its stall and ran over a gatepost, breaking it off at the ground. The gate was down, and Mister was gone.
You are facing the worst kind of trouble when your horses get out. All kinds of things can go wrong, and it did for this family and their horse.
Put yourself in the shoes of these owners as you read this story and imagine that you are not home and know nothing about your horse getting out. As you read this article ask yourself these questions, "What if I don't know my horse is out. Does my horse have a way to help people find me if he is out and in trouble? What can I do to make sure they can find me?" Please, post your answers in the comments below.

Mister was found in swift, knee-deep water of a creek. His rescuers went down in the water, got soaked, and they were able to approach Mister. One person approached the horse from downstream and was able to get two halters on him. Trying to get the injured 1,500-pound horse moving out of the frigid water was not going to be an easy task.
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RESOURCE: The Nugget Newspaper, Article by Jim Cornelius, News Editor, Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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Mister is safe.



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