New Mexico Livestock Board Found Horses

New Mexico Livestock Board Found Horses

01 March 2015

NMLBbaythree2-23-15.JPGNOTICE ID 1824 - 02/23/2015

The following described livestock was/were found by the NMLB without ownership being known:

1) One(1) gray stallion with a star on forehead,

2) and one(1) bay stallion with star and snip and both hind coronets.

UPDATE 2/28/15: The bay stallion with no markings previously listed in this posting has had ownership proven.

NMLBbay2-23-15.JPGOnly the two horses listed above are available for bids.

The livestock was/were found at: 23 Senda Osa Vieja, Placitas Area - Placitas, NM 87043

Brand(s) described on livestock: No Brand

Please Contact Inspector Randol D. Riley at 505-250-1609 if you have information regarding ownership of the described livestock.

NetPosse Note: These are the pistures that were sent with this alert. We only see Bay horses. Not sure why there is not a grey horse in the pictures or if that was a mistake and they meant to say a Bay.

If you are missing any bay horses please call the NMLB.


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