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Posted at Monday, February 19, 2018 in General


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Now that warmer weather has, for some of us at least, made its way back around, it is time to review our safety precautions for our horses and where they live. Let's take the time to just do a checklist of a few things you might want to look at. 

Not all places are the same so not all checklists would contain the same things. We are making suggestions only-feel free to add or subtract depending on your personal situation. 

  • Surroundings
    • Pasture fences-walk every foot of them. If you ride past in a truck or on a horse, you'll miss the broken piece of wire that sticks out that could stab into an eye. Take surveyor's tape with you to mark where repairs need to be made if you do not have time or materials to do that day. 
    • Take note of places where it might appear that paths are being made up to your fences.  It could just be wildlife, but it could also be preliminary moves to scout your horses. Back fences are often cut and horses led out.  Deer cameras can help watch these places. 
    • Barns, stalls, tack rooms-motion detection cameras and lights are the best defense especially if solar powered and transmitting to, say, a smartphone or the cloud. Be sure to put up the signs that say you are using technology to protect your place-then do it. Signs alone won't do you any good because thieves are not stupid. They'll look to see if you really have the stuff. 
    • Honestly and frankly-chains and locks only slow down the amateur thieves. The ones who are serious will come with tools to cut them. You have to think like a crook. Make it a lot harder than just a chain or a lock. 
  • Permanently Identify Equipment
    • Engrave
    • Emboss
    • Etch
    • Microchip
    • "brand' it by burning
    • Just painting your name on something not only looks 'funny', it's something any kid could do. Take the time and do it right. 
  • Permanently Identify (and REGISTER that method) your animals
    • Fire brand
    • Freeze brand/mark
    • tattoo
    • microchip
    • We recommend using TWO methods, microchip and one other of your choice. Nothing is perfect. For a complete discussion, here's our Equine Identification link.
  • Update all records
    • photos
    • vaccinations
    • registrations-deaths, births, color changes, geldings, sales, etc. 

This ought to at least start the mental 'juices' flowing. If you have more wonderful ideas, please let us hear from you. We can add them to this article at any time!. 


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Posted by Ellen Wright

Director of Administrative Services