Stanfield woman searches for missing horse by Stanly News and Press

Posted at Tuesday, November 28, 2017 in General

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The Stanly News & Press
Shannon Beamon
November28, 2017

A missing horse is turning the holidays blue for Stanfield resident Tina Schrimpsher.

Schrimpsher’s horse, Blaze, vanished from her property on Polk Ford Road the Monday before Thanksgiving. The disappearance is currently being investigated as a larceny, the Stanly County Sheriff’s Office reports.

“I just don’t understand,” Schrimpsher said of someone stealing her horse. “He isn’t worth much to anyone but me.”

At 20 years old, she explained, the buckskin mustang is getting old. On top of that, he’s a rescue animal, so he’s never been in the best health anyways.

To read the entire story, please click here: Stanfield Woman Searches for Missing Horse

Source: The Stanly News & Press, Shannon Beamon, 11/28/17

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Related to Report: NR005373

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