Stolen Horse International / 2011 Year in Review

Stolen Horse International / 2011 Year in Review

31 December 2011

NetPosse makes a difference.



  • 109 Stolen Equine reports filed  --- 40.54% were closed
  • 52 Lost Equine reports filed --- 24.32% closed
  • New NetPosse website launched as a beta site in February 2011
  • 5,899,032 page views through December 30, 2011!
  • The site has been vicited by the following countries: USA, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, UK, Russia, France, Germany, Sweden, (just to name a few)
  • was featured in Tractor Supply's Out Here Magazine recently. Soon it will be feature in Equus and The Horse
  • The annuall ebay fundraiser raised $6000 with your help! is not just a Facebook page. We are so much more. With your help makes a difference. Please sign up for the NetPosse Volunteers online today if you have not done so already.

No doubt you have lots of things on your priority list as the sun sets each day. But your horse friend and NetPosse victims hope you remember to send in your gift that keeps giving to Stolen Horse International. You can be certain your generosity will touch many lives, throughout the world and into 2012. And you will be rewarded, again and again when a horse comes home, and when tax day arrives.

So please make a donation today! Thank you for all that you do for Stolen Horse International.

 * The estimated numbers of theft were based on a study done in the late 90's. No current numbers are known.


Stolen Horse International provides news and other resources for free on this website. As a charitable organization we survive on the kindness of people like you. Please consider donating to help fund the organization or purchasing a NetPosse ID for your horse, dog or cat to help protect your beloved animals!
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