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How do I join the NetPosse so that I can receive Alerts?


There are serveral way to receive information from but our preferred way is through our NetPosee Alerts delivered via Robly Please click here to sign up by typing your email into the box provided. Be sure to check the NETPOSSE ALERTS box.

What do I do if I receive an Alert?
Be creative and place the information where you have contacts.  If you receive an Alert you can do one or all of the following examples. 

• Print the flyer and post in your community
• Pass the information to your friends and ask them to do the same.
• Post info on your list and newsgroups
• Post on Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter & MySpace
• Take the flyer with you to auctions 
• Post in auctions and any business in the community where the auction operates. 
• Give to auction owners, auctioneers and secretaries.
• Post to Law Enforcement contacts
• Put flyer on your website
• Put a link to on your website. Click here for link information.

How will I know if – and when – an animal or item has been recovered?
When a horse, equipment, trailer or other livestock is safely recovered, typically sends a follow-up Alert to notify volunteers that the Alert is cancelled and the horse is home or item recovered. When possible, NetPosse will post the recovery story, but we rely on the victim for the information and details.

History of the Alert - Click here.

The Miracle of Idaho: Read the story about the horse and the family that inspired Stolen Horse International. Click here

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