Did you ever walk out of a place and wonder where in the blazes you parked your truck?

Did you ever walk out of a place and wonder where in the blazes you parked your truck?

20 September 2011

We probably all do at some time or another. However, we usually find it. Not in the case of Djuana Cartillar and her 15 year-old daughter, Tori, of Wynne, AS, when they went to lunch in Jackson, MS. They had arrived there for the National Barrel Horse Association Youth World Championships in their Ford F-350. Tori was looking for a win.

Unfortunately, thieves were looking for trucks just likes theirs. Doesn’t take much to get into one. Just a screwdriver or an ice-pick placed next to the lock and a sharp blow will usually open one, according to police officers. The thieves can be after the truck itself, or can be after the contents-cash, electronics, other valuables, tack, custom clothing, paperwork and documentation for horses, trailer, passports, guns, or anything else of value.

Shows such as World Championships are rich with vehicles such as the Cartillar’s truck for thieves to strike because it takes trucks like theirs to pull the trailers and campers that come to these events.

Because she was quick to report the theft to both the Coliseum security and the local sheriff’s department, the truck was quickly recovered at a nearby car wash-abandoned. All valuables were missing, but the all-important paperwork was located in a trash bin by a Good Samaritan. Tori was able to compete in spite of the theft. [i]


[i] http://www.wlbt.com/story/15171307/stolen-truck-quickly-recovered

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