Stanley Brothers Fined for Equine Transport to Slaughter Violations

Stanley Brothers Fined for Equine Transport to Slaughter Violations

18 February 2020


In yet another clash with the judicial system, large-scale kill buyers Gregory and Mitchell Stanley of Bastrop, Louisiana recently ran afoul of USDA Administrative Law Judge Jill Clifton, who recently imposed $4,000 in fines on the brothers for multiple violations of the federal government Equine Transport to Slaughter Regulations. Owners of Stanley Bros Farms, LLC, a large kill pen in Bastrop, the Stanley brothers are also lessees of the Chula Vista holding pens in Eagle Pass, Texas, where their slaughter-bound horses are held prior to shipment across the US border to the Stanley Bros-owned equine slaughter plant in Mexico.

 These violations include using inauthentic (forged) origin health certificates (the veterinarian signature used on the certificate was apparently not the veterinarian’s real signature), the removal of the official USDA back tags to conceal the real origin of the horses they were shipping to slaughter, failure to prepare and provide the real required owner/shipper certificates and failure to report times and locations of the loading of the horses to slaughter on the certificate.

Each year, kill buyers like the Stanley brothers make their living by frequenting auctions and sales, coming into possession of horses, ponies, mules and donkeys of all breeds and ages, and funneling them into the equine slaughter operations across our northern and southern borders with total disregard as to whether these animals were knowingly legally sold to them by their owners or were fenced as stolen commodities by nefarious predators within the equine community. The volume of American owned horses crossing our borders numbers in the tens of thousands of animals annually, and many large-scale kill buyers like the Stanley brothers have become millionaires off of the backs of the misery these animals face inside of their equine slaughter operations.

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