Tips To Protect Horses For Horse Trailer Accident

Tips To Protect Horses For Horse Trailer Accident



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Edited by: Victoria Piner

How prepared are you if you are involved in an accident while hauling your equine?

According to sources, a horse trailer was involved in a motor vehicle accident on February 16, 2022, on Horace Walters Road in Raeford, NC near the Carolina Horse Park. 

A truck towing a bumper pull trailer was traveling on its way to a farm on Horace Walters Road when a minivan crossed the center line and struck the side of the horse trailer.  The bars of the trailer windows were closed prior to the collision; however, the impact popped open the tack compartment door.

Two horses were onboard at the time of the collision.  One horse suffered minor injuries, but both were unloaded from the trailer and walked to the nearby farm to wait for a responding veterinarian and first responders.  The occupants of the truck were uninjured, but the driver of the minivan who allegedly had no driver's license nor insurance was transported to the hospital.

All of those involved in the accident were incredibly fortunate.  However, the outcome could have been totally different.  Thus, the question:  how prepared are you when you take your equine out in a trailer? 

Tori Miller McLeod, founder of 4Hooves Large Animal Services, recommends that you display an ICE (“In Case of Emergency”) envelope in a prominent and easy-to-find place.  This envelope would contain all information necessary in case the occupants of the truck become incapacitated. 

First responders should be able to find out the following: 

  • How much the owner is willing to spend for veterinary care.
  • If the equines are insured.
  • Whom to call to come pick up the equine (or if out of state where it can go temporarily).
  • Who is authorized to speak to the veterinarian in the owner’s absence and/or to make decisions for euthanasia.
  • The document should also include the equine’s medical conditions, vices, etc. which should be known for the safety and wellbeing both for the equine and those handling it.

If it is safe to do so, the equines are stable, and the trailer is still securable, 4-Hooves also recommends that the animals be left inside the trailer until alternate transport or containment is found. Never underestimate equines in high-stress situations and unfamiliar places which can become much worse if the animal escapes its handler.

You never know when the unexpected will happen.  The best thing you can do for yourself and your equine is to be prepared in case something bad does happen, and hopefully, you can avoid the worst-case scenario.

We are happy to partner with 4Hooves Large Animal Services, LLC is located in Biscoe (Moore County), North Carolina. The business is owned by Justin McLeod and Tori Miller-McLeod and operated by the McLeod's and a highly trained and experienced team of dedicated individuals. If you have an equine or livestock-related emergency requiring their services, please call, 

Call Justin (919) 201-6789 or Call Tori (910) 494-8210. 

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The bars of the trailer windows were closed prior to the collision.
The impact popped open the tack compartment door.

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