Colorado fire victim is home!

Colorado fire victim is home!

20 June 2013

facebook.pngWhen disaster strikes so many horses and pets are lost. Many are found by good people but they do not know where their owners are located.

The donkey in this video was lost in the fire. This Donkey was being loaded into a trailer, with fire two houses away when she spooked and got away from her owners.

This video made by this person helped find her owners.

The info under the video read as follows: This young jennet was found lost during the Black Forest Fire, if you know this Donk or her owner please contact Lee at the Double Dot Ranch & Donkey Resort where she is being well taken care of. If you know anyone who was in the Black Forest Fire, who may own this Donk, or know who owns this lovely girl, give them a call to take a look.

You will not want to miss this cute video.


Not everyone has a YouTube video to help find their animals and even if they did not everyone will see the video. You can increase the chances of your equines and pets coming home by microchipping the animals.

We talked with a spokesperson for the state of Oklahoma and were told that all animals were checked for microchips, even the horses.

A microchip is quick, low cost, leads right back to you when it is scanned and you may even be able to microchip your own animals.

The NetPosse Store has Avid and HomeAgain microchips as one of our ongoing fundraisers and as one of our ID solutions to help bring horses home.

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