We've Been Busy As Bees In A Hive

We've Been Busy As Bees In A Hive

19 July 2016

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It has been busy-for everyone associated with #Stolen_Horse_International for the past few weeks. It seems that warm weather brings the flies, ticks, gnats, and two-legged pests with wire cutters and trailers to worry us and make off with our horses. If only somebody would come up with a spray that worked to repel horse thieves!

So here is a rundown of the cases we have been working on. Please click on the links to find out more, download the information, and distribute as you are able. Thank you for your concern and cooperation!

9 Closed cases:

NR 004935 Missy--Closed                                    NR004973 Found horse CLOSED

NR004951 Mommy CLOSED                                NR004972 Candy CLOSED

NR004956 Rosie CLOSED                                      NR004974 Pie CLOSED

NR004979 Pheonix CLOSED                                 NR004980 Georgia CLOSED

NR004982 Lilli CLOSED                                          

14 OPEN CASES  (16 horses)

NR004982 Image MISSING                                    NR004934 Sparky STOLEN

NR004939 Wylie STOLEN                                       NR004960 Mingo & Apache Jane MISSING

NR004940 Cocoa MISSING                                    NR004941 Found after flooding TX

NR004966 Dakota Searching for horse              NR004970 Khlassy & Spicy MISSING

NR004971 Gaelic Searching for horse                NR004981 April MISSING

NR004983 Buckskin STOLEN                                 NR004985 Baby Searching for horse

NR004986 Sabre Searching for horse                NR004988 Dream Searching for horse

NR004989 Moe Searching for horse                  NR004990 Cooper MISSING

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