NR004941 - FOUND EQUINE Lost Horse in Texas Flood,  - TX


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Incident Details

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Hampstead (Waller County), TX, 77445, USA

This stallion is approximately 2 years old and is a gaited horse who was found wandering a rural area after the flood near the Brazos River. He showed up at a ranch on June 4, 2016 near San Felipe on FM 1458. He has had injuries that are being treated by a vet. The person who found him is now offering him to a good home. We are trying to find the owner so that he can go back to his home. The area is still experiencing flooding conditions and devastating conditions. Is it possible the owner could be in the general area or maybe even up river from where the horse was found? Who knows for sure but please share this everywhere in Texas. Maybe someone will recognize him. Contacts: Walter County Sheriff Office: 979-865-3111 Other contact: 281-579-6500 and 713-530-4679

Lost Horse in Texas Flood 
Help me find my owner.
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6/25/2017 5:35:00 AM

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SOCIAL MEDIA ALERT for You (copy and paste) Estray Horse Alert TX: This horse was found in the Waller/Austin County area of Texas. Is he a local horse whose owner has been displaced? How do they know where to find him or how to find him in the confusion caused by the disastrous floods in the area? Help us help him find his way home. Do you know anyone missing a Paint horse in the flood? Do you know anyone in these two counties or others around them? Could he have washed downstream? No one knows his story. Help us put a happy ending to this story. SHARE, SHARE. 

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Date of Filing: 6/13/2016 7:13:00 AM