Stolen Rossendale pony dumped at side of busy road in UK

Stolen Rossendale pony dumped at side of busy road in UK

07 February 2014

foundUKdumpedpony2-7-14Pic.JPG9:56am Friday 7th February 2014

A stolen pony is set to be reunited with its owner after it was found dumped at the side of a busy road 35 miles away in Riverton, of the United Kingdom this week. The horse was stolen between 4.30pm and 8pm on Monday, from a farm with one gate , and was found at around 2pm on Wednesday.

Shadow, a three-year old 14-hand grey pony, was found on a very busy highway in less than two day after he was stolen from a farm in Stacksteads.

According to the Lancashire Telegraph News , the family was sick with worry and described the time  while Shadow was missing as a nightmare and devastating.  A ten-year-old child in the family who rides the horse was very upset.

Claire Swift, a grandmother-of-six from Newchurch, said she was ‘sick with worry’ after finding out Shadow had gone missing.

A family friend posted pictures of the pony in social media when he was discovered missing by a famer on Monday. Though a series of events the farmer contacted the family friend who then contacted the family.

The family will be moving Shadow to a more secure farm after this nightmare.

This story should help you understand that every "found estray" horse has a story. It is not always about the recession and being dumped because of hard times. Sometimes they just get out or have help getting there.

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RESOURCE: Lancashire Telegraph,

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