Tina Schrimpsher's Plea For Return Of Her Late Son's Horse, Blaze

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November 28, 2017

COMMENTARY FROM OUR FOUNDER: Meet Tina Schrimpsher, the owner of Blaze, missing and presumed stolen from NC. Many of you have sympathy for a victim and care deeply. But, most of you can't even phantom the gut wrenching pain that consumes a horse owner when our horses are suddenly, "Poof! Gone!" Tina wants her late son's horse home so much that she has posted this video pleading for your help. I hope she has your attention.

In a way Tina is telling my story, and that of thousands of our other victims. I understand her completely. I did just about anything to get Idaho home back in 1997. I watch this and it takes me right back to that time in my life and the way Idaho’s theft filled every part it even changed my family’s lives forever. I feel the pain. My eyes fill with water.

Often we the victims, we Stolen Horse International, are overlooked by people in the horse industry, even dismissed, because people do not see this as a problem. This problem is out of sight, out of mind until it happens to them.

We do what we do for our victims, both human and horse, to help them cope with their pain and hopefully, eventually, bringing their horse home. There are tens of thousands of theft victims in the USA alone. There is even more when factor in the horses lost in disasters, civil cases and runaways. We provide a shoulder for our victims to lean on and even an online support group where our victims lean on each other.

Stolen Horse International, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) rescue where you never see the before and after pictures of our victims like you do the “normal” rescue organizations. Simply put, we are not normal.

Everyone feels the pain of a horse who has been mistreated or forgotten, one in a kill pen, one who needs food and love, one who needs to be saved. Millions are donated to rescue organizations each year to help save a horse. We save not on the horse but the human who loves them. We beg for a few thousand to do what we do. We need tens of thousands to continue help our victims and continue our programs.

If you must have an image to move you to help Tina and us, here ya go. This is our before (her horse is home) image. Let me ask you, does Tina, who is a true example of the people we help, appear as if this is not a problem to her? Doesn’t she and Blaze deserve saving too? At the very core of all of our post, this is why we share, why we print the flyers, why we have a website, why we exist.

Tina has put her heart and soul out here for all of us to see, and feel. How can you feel her pain and do nothing? She speaks for all of our victims. She speaks for me even though it is now 20 years after Idaho disappeared, and even though we found Idaho 51 weeks after she was stolen, the wound remains fresh.

Every victim who comes to us has a story. Not all of them are going to end happy. But, we do know that we have more of a chance to make that happy ending happen with your support.

Please share Tina’s plea for help and make sure you do not forget to SHARE this NetPosse Alert, NR005373 - STOLEN EQUINE Blaze, $2000.00 REWARD - NC. Here is the link: https://netposse.com/view_report.asp?reportid=5373

Miracles happen. I am living proof that they do. Idaho came home. Thousands of victims get their horses back each year thanks to our work. Can we make this happen? Can we help make this a Christmas miracle? We never give up hope. We never underestimate the power of one. We believe in miracles! If you do to, share this right now. Let’s make Tina’s tears happy tears together.

Thank you and God bless. – Debi Metcalfe, founder of Stolen Horse International, Inc.

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Related to Report: NR005373

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