1 Horse Missing, 1 Horse Injured: Mystery Unfolding

1 Horse Missing, 1 Horse Injured: Mystery Unfolding

30 May 2011

WINGATE, N.C. - A mystery is unfolding on 16 quiet acres, tucked away in Wingate, Union County.  "Deacon," a chocolate colored Rocky Mountain horse, disappeared about two weeks ago.  "The speculation is that he was stolen because he's such an unusual horse," says the horse's owner, Pat Caldwell.

One week later, another horse, whom Caldwell is now calling "Dante," showed up.  "That's the first thing we did, is call a vet, see what we needed to do," says Caldwell.

In addition to bruises and cuts and scrapes, Dante had a big gash on his face.  It might have been caused or worsened by his halter, which is nylon, the kind that doesn't tear away if it gets caught.     
But because the gash is not life threatening, it has to wait to be treated.  "Because of the laws that are in North Carolina, we have to wait five days for the owner to come and get the horse, claim the horse.  You can't really make any surgical procedures on the horse until that five days passes," explains Caldwell.

It'll be at least another day before  a vet can work on the horse.  He's getting stall rest, food and water and his pictures have spread via social media by people wondering who owns him.

In the meantime, Caldwell is holding out hope that Deacon will be found.  He's offering a cash reward and he's posted an ad on a national stolen horse website called www.NetPosse.com.

Continue full article here: http://www.foxcharlotte.com/news/nc-news/1-Horse-Missing-1-Horse-Injured-Mystery-Unfolding--122808109.html

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