Horse Angels

Thanks to your generous support, we can help victims when they need our support most and continue to provide our many education programs to the equine communities around the world. Horse Angels

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The Horse Angel Program is a major program of Stolen Horse International, Inc., aka  When there is a horse owner who is not able to pay the NetPosse report listing fee because of financial limitations, The Horse Angel Program works to verify that the horse owner is unable to provide the funds needed to afford the listing at the time their horses are missing. We then work out the arrangements with the owner and authorize the report needed to provide our services. We help with funding:
  • In disasters
  • When there are multiple horses to be listed
  • When there is finiancial distress to the victim
The Horse Angel Program also helps pay for the programs that are utilized to provide the services for the victims. 

Stolen Horse International, Inc., also known as NetPosse, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the search and recovery of missing horses, stolen, and horse lost in disasters. We have worked with thousands of horses and owners in need.

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