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Stolen Horse International, Inc., aka is a national leader in the areas of missing horses, education and equine identification and has worked diligently for over 20 years toward Bringing Horses Home™ and educating horse owners. Our work includes:

  • Saving horses when they are missing, stolen, and disaster related situations.
  • Providing victims with services—webpage, NetPosse Alerts, media coverage, consulting and much more.
  • Helping thousands of horses by finding and bringing them home.
  • Responding to emergency situations for all animals when disaster strikes.
  • Working with all law enforcement, horse councils and the public to fight for a stronger support system for victim’s issues.

Every day, we struggle to provide our services, the only ones of this kind nationwide, but we need you to ride along with us. As a NetPosse donor, you can help provide services, education and support, and you can give so many victims that reunion they need so much. Your regular monthly gifts provide a consistent, reliable income base that allows us to spend less time fundraising—and more time saving horses and their owners.

Becoming a Stolen Horse International donor is an easy, effective and tax-deductible way to make a difference for our victims, both animal and human, all year long.

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