Searching For Horse named Storm - Rice , TX, 75155 | NetPosse ID #5887

Searching For Horse Near Rice , TX, 75155

NetPosse ID #: 5887
Name: Storm
Gender: Colt
Species: Horse
Breed: Blue roan
Description: I purchased a Blue Roan colt, but he went missing after the people from a Texas rescue that I trusted picked him up for me from a Texas kill pen. The tips of the colt's ears are missing, and he has a white star on his forehead that comes down and points to the right on his face. My colt was supposed to go to the rescue, but they said he had to go to a "friend's" house instead because it was too muddy to get a trailer back on their property. However, they never picked up my horse from the "friends" and never told me who they were. The rescue gave me a different horse than the one I purchased. What happened to the colt I purchased, pictured in this report? Did they sell him and switch horses? Could he still be out there somewhere? Is he safe and with another owner? Due to a lack of updates and so much going on, I need to find out where he is and if he is still alive. Storm is missing along with another horse involved with this rescue. Check out SEARCHING FOR HORSE NAMED DEVILS DIAMOND - RICE, TX, 75155 | NETPOSSE ID #5888 on this website.
Area Last Seen: Rice , TX, 75155
Date Last Known: 2/26/2023 8:50:00 PM