Searching For Horse named BOOTS - Granby, CT, 06035 | NetPosse ID #5511

Searching For Horse Near Granby, CT, 06035

NetPosse ID #: 5511
Gender: Male
Species: Horse
Breed: gelding
Description: I have a retirement home waiting for a horse friend and would be most grateful if you could get the word out to find him. He was an equine officer at the BRIDGEPORT MOUNTED POLICE while I was a student at the University of Bridgeport, CT. In 2018 the mounted unit was disbanded and the horses were given sold by the mayor's office. I submitted a Freedom of Information request (FoIR) to the mayor's office to find the details of the transaction and am awaiting the results. I am posting this because I don't know if Boots was sold more than once after leaving the mounted unit. I am hoping someone here may have some information about Boots. He must be about 23 years now. BAY all over with a 4 white socks, white blaze on the face and a black mane and tail. If he isn't already in a home where he is getting carrots and pets and generally being fussed over the way he likes, I have a home waiting for him where he can be my lawn mower and fertiliser provider for the organic veggie farm I intend to create. If the manure is fractionated into the liquid, gas and solid states like they do with cow manure in India, it is possible to cut down the costs of horse care drastically. The liquid is fertiliser for the farm while the gas is methane (bio gas) for cooking and the leftover fibre can be sundried and used as brickettes in place of firewood or made into paper. There are zero budget farms in India where they use just the urine and manure of ruminants to fertilise the veggie and fruit farms. I would like to start a sanctuary using that same principle. Since Boots was the inspiration for this idea, please help if you can. If you ever loved a horse you will know what it feels like to lose him/her. You can email me at with any information you have of Boots's whereabouts. I think this is a closed group so the share fnxn is not available. But if you simultanously press these keys on your keyboard if you're using a PC - (Shift+windows+s), the snipping tool will pop up. then you can highlight the area you want to copy onto your clipboard then you can paste it where you want. 🙂Thank you. Be well. ❤
Area Last Seen: Granby, CT, 06035
Date Last Known: 9/9/2022 11:10:00 AM