Searching For Horse named Danny - Findlay, OH, 45839 | NetPosse ID #5774

Searching For Horse Near Findlay, OH, 45839

NetPosse ID #: 5774
Name: Danny
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Grade Paint
Description: Danny was born in 2003, making him 20 this year. I owned him when I was a teenager. He was my very best friend and the kindest horse I’ve ever known. I sold him through the University of Findlay Spring Horse sale in 2009. I believe the man who bought him was a broker so he was likely sold on again. Auction records have not been located to assist in knowing who bought him. Any leads on his location are greatly appreciated. I would love to buy him back if that is an option.
Area Last Seen: Findlay, OH, 45839
Date Last Known: 4/1/2009