Horse Thief Movie

Horse Thief Movie

19 August 2011

As children many of us have pretended to be a cowboy. Ryan Gunter went one step further and pretended to catch a thief, a horse thief. This homegrown movie is here strictly for your enjoyment. We hope it will bring back memories and a smile to your face.

This old western home movie filmed was filmed with an 8mm video camera. Ryan's brother was home from college with a friend in 1983 and the three created this little video. This was at the Gunter home between Bullhead City and Mohave Valley.

Thank you Ryan for your permission to use your video on

Ryan is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada but grew up in Bullhead City, Arizona. He and his brother and two of his sisters made this video on their ranch when they were children.

Ryan and his siblings grew up with horses and most of his family are still involved with rodeo or raising horses. His younger sister, Tandi Rider, is very active in the horse community and has a horse ranch in Stephensville, Texas.

Ryan is married, has five children and currently lives in Leavenworth, Washington.

See this video and Ryan Gunter's other videos here:


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