HORSE ATTACK - Jayda, stolen horse butchered for meat in Fl

HORSE ATTACK - Jayda, stolen horse butchered for meat in Fl

11 December 2019


SUMTER COUNTY, Fla. – A Central Florida family said that they are devastated after their 10-year-old pet horse was found dead Wednesday morning in Sumter County.

Jayda was loved by her owner, Kristin Griffin. Kristin never expected to find her beloved her horse stolen and then butchered for her meat. 

Jayda is listed on Stolen Horse International's webpage here.

Here is Kristin's plea for Jayda on her Facebook page on December 11. 2019.

Horse owners need to be aware of this horrible situation that's happening all around us. This is Jayda. She was stolen out of her own pasture last night and found slaughtered for her meat in the woods across the street from the place she was boarding at. This happened last night in Webster, FL.

I will not go into details on how she was found besides all her meat was taken away so it was definitely for that reasoning. It was on the MAIN road 471 wire horse fencing with 1 strain of barbwire on top. The fence was cut and she was taken out & brought across the street to a wooded area.

A few weeks ago off 475A in Ocala, FL a horse was stolen out of his pasture and the same thing wire happened. The fencing was cut and the horse was brought to a vacant lot next door.

I also heard a few other horses this happened to these past few months. Please Please we have GOT to catch these monsters.

This mare was NOT at my farm at the time but she is very dear to my heart. Ten years ago I used to breed my AQHA stallion to my AQHA mares and she was one of their foals. Jayda was named after my son Jayden. They were born a few weeks apart.

The owners & farm owner & myself are SICK over this. The cops ARE involved. Please share this!!!!!

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