Danny's Story - Stolen and Still Searching For A Horse

Danny's Story - Stolen and Still Searching For A Horse

29 March 2022

Danny's Story

This is the story of Danny, stolen many years ago from his young owner in Washington State. She still wonders what happened to him and hopes one day she will get the answers that still haunt her when she thinks of him.
Did someone buy him and give him a good home after he was stolen? Some horses live for decades. Could he still be out there somewhere? Is there anyone who may have known him and can tell her about his life? The unanswered questions are infinite.
There are many ways for a horse to disappear, theft, runaway, civil matters, disasters, and more. There are also times when you may sell a horse and wonder where it is now.
Our searching for a horse report helps everyone who is looking for an old friend, no matter how they parted ways.
Just go to www.netposse.org or netposse.com, register for an account, and file a SEARCHING FOR HORSE report.
Perhaps Stolen Horse International-NetPosse Missing and Stolen Equine can help you find your answers with our NetPosse Alert network.
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