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NetPosse ID #: 7952
Name: Pride O' Diamonds aka Aidan
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Irish Draught
Description: I paid a woman $160 to transport my two horses from the above address (I can find the address - I just don't remember the numbers) to the stable in Hilliard, FL, where my two horses would be boarded. I loaded both horses on the trailer, including all my tack and supplies. I paid the woman $160, sent with the woman the board check for the two horses to give to the stable owner, and never saw Aidan again.

I called the same evening to thank the stable owner for receiving both horses and taking good care of them. The check was cashed for two horses (written in the memo board for Irish and Aidan), and the following day the stable owner sent an email wanting more money because Irish ate alfalfa. Along with that email was a boarding contract for Irish and Aidan. I paid the extra money with the belief that two horses were at the facility.

It was weeks later that I was finally notified by one of the barn boys that Aidan was taken to another woman's house. I called her and told her I was quite unhappy. She said she didn't want to pay the agreed-upon sum of $100 for riding privileges on Aidan at the stable, so she just took him to her house to ride him there for free. She said I wouldn't owe anything. I said she needed to bring Aidan back to the stable in January when I would be hunting again, and I was not pleased.
She said she would.

She said she would try to show him to people to help me get him sold while he was at her house. I said if she got him sold, she could have a 10% commission. When I requested my horse back, the lady said I owed her $2,000 in board and training fees for about three weeks. I told her that was impossible. I called the police, and tried to settle with her, and instead, she 'hid him in a secret location so I could not pick up' my horse.

I was trashed on the internet, kicked out of hunt clubs, told by the police that this was a civil matter, etc. Meanwhile, two years have passed, and no one would help me. My horse was ransomed to me, and I even offered to pay, but the woman refused to produce a video or picture to show he was alive.

He is now, I believe, purchased by a sane person who wants me to give her ownership of my horse to cooperate with me in stopping these people who did this.
Area Last Seen: Ocala, FL, 00000
Date Last Known: 12/11/2010