Searching For Horse named Red Dun Sulphur Mustang Mare - Silver Springs , FL, 34488 | NetPosse ID #5600

Searching For Horse Near Silver Springs , FL, 34488

NetPosse ID #: 5600
Name: Red Dun Sulphur Mustang Mare
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: BLM brand on Neck
Description: BLM mare lost in FL. Bolted from owner and has not been found. Red Dun Sulphur Mustang mare with rope halter and lead rope attached. First location she was spotted was Ocklawaha Praire Restoration area coming down from Moss Bluff Dam. She was in the river at this time and was reported to have had multiple injuries. There has been conflicting infomation about where this mare was last seen by volunteers that were helping.
Please keep an eye out if you are in those areas riding, kayaking, fishing etc.
Area Last Seen: Silver Springs , FL, 34488
Date Last Known: 9/18/2022