Missing Horse named Bo - Bronx, NY, 10464 | NetPosse ID #7725

Missing Horse Near Bronx, NY, 10464

NetPosse ID #: 7725
Name: Bo
Species: Horse
Breed: Paint TOBIANO

Bo was adopted out to a lady residing in Ozone Park, NY in Sept 2012. Per adoption contract, moving Bo required notification to former owners (the rescue). Surprise visit in Jan 2013 turned up partial truth that horse was moved. For a year, the adopter was refusing to return phone calls and emails about information regarding Bo. When contact was finally made, we were told she was moved to different farms, for training. Information was never given about where these farms were, so that we could follow up. In Sept 2014, we found out Bo was actually sold to horse dealer in Long Island, Indian Head, sometime around Dec 2012 - Jan 2013 - (and we had been lied to about having her moved to farms for training). Upon contacting the dealer, we found out she was sold, but the dealer would not disclose to whom or even where. We have been unable to find any information since, and desperately hope someone out there knows where she might still be. Her safety and wellbeing are paramount. Confirmation to that effect is sought; if she is for sale, we would buy her back.

Area Last Seen: Bronx, NY, 10464
Date Lost: 12/1/2012



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