History For Horse named Geoffrey - New York, NY, 10038 | NetPosse ID #4949

Historical Search Horse Near New York, NY, 10038

NetPosse ID #: 4949
Name: Geoffrey
Gender: Male
Species: Horse
Breed: Appendix or Quarter horse
Description: My wife and I are attempting to track down her former show horse. It has been roughly 9 years since the horse was sold, and we have exhausted all other options to attempt to find Geoffrey (show name Touch of Paint and appears to have been changed to Boomtown after the sale). It would mean a lot to her if anyone has seen Geoffrey and can share his whereabouts. He has very pronounced and distinct markings that we hope will help. Two photos are attached, he is the closer horse in the second one.
Area: New York, NY, 10038
Date Last Purchased: 1/13/2022 1:39:00 PM