Missing Horse named Venus Encore - Norco, CA, 92860 | NetPosse ID #7456

Missing Horse Near Norco, CA, 92860

NetPosse ID #: 7456
Name: Venus Encore
Species: Horse
Breed: Shire

In April of 2013 I was working at a resort that used draft horses for carriages. There was one particular horse that I had become particularly attached to and her to I. This horse is my baby and I feel a member of my family. She was set to retire from work and I was the adopter with priority on her adoption and had been approved with a take home date of July 1, 2013. I had my adoption papers filed and in order and the adoption fee was set. Before the adoption could finish running it's course the manager of the department adopted the horse to a carriage company. I later learned later from a VP that the manager does not have the authority to deny adoption to an employee. The manager also destroyed the adoption papers which were signed and dated. The manager then moved the horse from Temecula California to Norco California in an unidentified boarding facility for a short amount of time. The only information I have been able to discover after that is that she was moved late Dec. 2014 or early Jan. 2015 to an upper Midwest state. The possible location is North Dakota.

Area Last Seen: Norco, CA, 92860
Date Lost: 12/23/2014



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