Missing Horse named First Impression - Ellington, CT, 06840 | NetPosse ID #6974

Missing Horse Near Ellington, CT, 06840

NetPosse ID #: 6974
Name: First Impression
Species: Horse
Breed: Thoroughbred
Description: Polo had suspensory in hind leg and after owner spent thousands to rehab (one vet said to put Polo down), owner was told by the attending vet in Fall 2009 that Polo needed to rest until Spring. Then he should be sound. Due to family emergency, owner made the decision to work with Vet to find Polo a good home. At no time did she authorize his sale (especially unsound), but instead he was to be companion animal while he recovered. Vet highly recommended woman (contact owner for name) in Ellington. Supposedly this woman was involved in rescue.

Owner agreed because she had to focus on her family member, but was very clear about Polo’s care and the need to find him a good home (especially since he was expected to make a full recovery in a few months). When Sandra contacted woman a few weeks later in Nov 2009 to see how Polo was progressing, the woman told Sandra he’d gone to Vermont as a companion horse. Sandra wanted to make contact with the people who had him to be sure he was taken care of, but the woman avoided answering specific questions. Sandra attempted off and on for weeks to contact woman or vet to confirm Polo’s location, but to no avail.

Sandra has learned Polo was possibly sold at auction in New Jersey or Pennsylvania in November 2009. Woman in Ellington has given several versions of the story, and has said she sent him to auction because he was acting up. She couldn’t explain why she never called and told Sandra so that they could pick up Polo.
Area Last Seen: Ellington, CT, 06840
Date Lost: 11/1/2009



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