Missing Horse named Priceless - Tyler, TX, 76226 | NetPosse ID #6932

Missing Horse Near Tyler, TX, 76226

NetPosse ID #: 6932
Name: Priceless
Species: Horse
Breed: Thoroughbred
Description: I'm looking for any information in regards to my six-year-old bay thoroughbred gelding, Casey. Last year on June 16th, a local trainer (contact owner for name) who was then located in Tyler, TX, took my gelding back to his farm to resale. On the day that Casey was picked up, he flipped in the trailer and required medical attention. Two weeks later Dustin called my husband late that evening to tell him that Casey had flipped again while he was riding him and that it was necessary put him down. Soon after Casey's death, the trainer relocated to Aiken, SC, and built a new horse farm. I have contacted him and requested a death certificate several times, but all he says is that he is working on it. I just want to know if my horse really did die, I want proof. If he is still alive, I want to find him. I'm having serious doubts that Casey did die because the more I learn about the trainer, I'm finding out that I'm not the only one looking for him because of his dishonesty.

Area Last Seen: Tyler, TX, 76226
Date Lost: 6/16/2006



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