History For Horse named Huckleberry aka Scarlotti - Argyle, TX, 76226 | NetPosse ID #4163

Historical Search Horse Near Argyle, TX, 76226

NetPosse ID #: 4163
Name: Huckleberry aka Scarlotti
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Oldenburg
Description: **** Additional Update - HISTORY HAS BEEN FOUND ON HUCKLEBERRY ****
We hit a dead end with where Huck went from the breeder as they don't have records, didn't remember him and didn't think he was there long. We had someone reach out privately with some information but we're not sure it's the same horse. We aren't giving up and are tracking all leads to piece the rest of his story together. We owe a HUGE thank you to this community. We'll be updating on our farm page, HodgePodge Farm, from now on, so that other horses and humans get the attention on this page they so dearly deserve, as Huck is safe for the rest of his life with us. This is an amazing community and we are so, so grateful. ❤🐴❤
*** Update ***
First let me please say a HUGE thank you to this community. We are so completely overwhelmed by the responses! I was hoping maybe 1 or 2 people would recognize him and be able to point us in a direction. I seriously underestimated the power of social media!
Several folks have reached out to connect with me personally on Facebook and for that I am grateful, but I don't use FB personally very much. If you want to follow Huck's story, you will see all about him and his other rescued barnmates on our farm page, HodgePodge Farm. There's a big grey Percheron mare as our cover photo. We're also on Instagram if you prefer as hodgepodgerescue.
Big shout out to Nicole who prompted his original breeder to contact me. We have been chatting all afternoon and I now know he went from her to a farm in Wichita, KS as a yearling in the fall of 2012. She lost track of him from there and was thrilled to learn about him today. If anyone has connections or knows of a Singletree Stables near Wichita, it appears that's where our next bread crumb may be. Also, she gave me this newborn pic of our boy to add here. ***
We bought Huckleberry from a kill pen in Texas in August of 2019. We recently found that he has a microchip and were able trace that microchip to Germany and now have his lineage and his papers being transferred to us. He is a registered Oldenburg, original name, Scarlatti, born 11/5/2011. His sire was Soprano, who stood in Maryland and the name of his breeder on his papers appears to be from Kansas. We have tried to reach out to both but have been unsuccessful. This boy is 17 hands of gorgeous goofball, and we would like to put his story together, but are also worried that someone has been looking for him. We appreciate any help, tips, leads, etc., to help us piece together his story. We're not looking to rehome him, unless he was stolen or his original family(s) have been searching for him.

NOTE: Look under FILES on this page for His actual Oldenburg papers. We saved Huckleberry from a kill pen in Texas in August of 2019. We recently thought to have our vet scan him for a microchip and found that he does have a microchip that was manufactured in Germany. We had previously had him DNA tested, where the results came back showing him as Selle Francais/Holsteiner/Trakehner, so we reached out to the US Selle Francais registry. They got in touch with contacts in Germany who were able to identify the microchip and found that he is a registered Oldenburg. His sire was Soprano, who stood at Olde County Farm in Glyndon, MD. His dam was a registered quarter horse mare, V2 Change it to Luke, and he was bred by her owner, Sharla Simpson of Kansas. Sharla has gotten in touch with us and shared that she gave him to a Singletree Tables in Wichita, KS as a yearling, in the fall of 2012. We are trying to trace his story from there to where we found him in the kill pen in Kaufman, TX in August of 2019. We would love any information about him and the history of his life before finding us.
Area: Argyle, TX, 76226
Date Last Purchased: 8/7/2019