Missing Horse named Gioco de Ca'Grande - Landrum, SC, 00000 | NetPosse ID #6925

Missing Horse Near Landrum, SC, 00000

NetPosse ID #: 6925
Name: Gioco de Ca'Grande
Species: Horse
Breed: Paso Fino
Description: Under false pretenses, between 7/15 and 7/31/05 , Buyer’s Agent (contact owner for name) removed Gioco de Ca'Grande, PFHA # 35205 from a farm in (contact owner for farm information) Landrum, SC. Transported to Florida. There was no legal document or any form of approval in effect nor any payment made prior to removing the horse. Contract signed 7/29/05; first payment ok on 08/04/05. Second payment due 08/29/05 defaulted. Contract stated forfeit of payment and return of horse. Buyer’s Agent refused to return horse, transported him to various sites in Florida attempting to sell horse and/or breedings. He has no legal authority to do either, except to return the horse. A suit was filed against the Buyer on 10/04/05 in the circuit court, fifth judicial district, in and for Marion County, Florida; Case # 05-2059-CA-B.

Writ of Repleven filed 10/07/05 with Judge Victor J. Musleh.

On 11/01/05, Buyer was notified by our Attorney that he was being charged with civil theft, civil worthless check, breach of contract and replevin.

Numerous attempts to serve Buyer have failed. Buyer’s Agent and our horse are somewhere in Florida. Buyer has been seen driving a white DEUTZ truck with NC plates, (contact owner for plate number). Agent has apparently left the USA and told me he was "in Mexico". Virtually all addresses, phone and fax #'s were either false or motels, KINKO Stores. At least 5 attempts to serve Agent at given addresses were unsuccessful; many were unoccupied. We strongly suspect premeditated fraud since first payment by wire transfer of BOA was ok but second payment was personal check that bounced with no offer to pay off with terms or otherwise. Hence Buyer’s move to take the horse then hide it apparently to resell at higher price at large profit to himself and Agent. One report was he was asking $500,000!

Area Last Seen: Landrum, SC, 00000
Date Lost: 7/15/2005



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