Stolen Horse named In A Spin - Mokena, IL, 60448 | NetPosse ID #6389

Stolen Horse Near Mokena, IL, 60448

NetPosse ID #: 6389
Name: In A Spin
Gender: Stallion
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse
Description: In A Spin was stolen from a stall in a 60-horse show/lesson barn in a semi-rural (cornfields and subdivisions mixed) area next to I-80 and near Rt. 45 about 30 miles southwest of Chicago, between Chicago and Joliet. Update 9/10/23: We never had any leads or found him. I appreciate you checking. THEFT OF "IN A SPIN" DATA

Will County Sheriff's Police, Joliet, Illinois
Officer Pat Berry
phone 815-727-8574
case # 24-98-272-106


Date stolen: Sept. 28, 1998, between 10 PM Monday and 7 AM Tuesday, Sept. 29, 1998
Location of theft: Nova Quarter Horses
10129 W. 187th St. Mokena, Illinois 60448
Description of location: Stolen from a 60-horse show/lesson barn stall in a semi-rural (cornfields and subdivisions mixed) area next to I-80 and near Rt. 45, about 30 miles southwest of Chicago, between Chicago and Joliet.

DESCRIPTION OF HORSE (at time of theft):
Breed: American Quarter Horse
Registration: American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)
Sex: Stallion
Age: now 12-years-old (born 1990)
Size: about 15 hands tall
Color: Sorrel (reddish-brown chestnut) body, mane, and tail (mane and tail may appear darker than the body)
Markings: No white, but a graying patch on the right side of the neck. A scar under the right eye.
Other small scars may be visible on the face.
Appearance when last seen:
Long, full mane hanging on the left side of the neck. Spin has a relatively high tail carriage, and the tail hangs a little crooked. The tail is thin (for a showhorse) but has a slick hair coat. He is solidly built, with a thicker neck and heavy shoulders tapering to slimmer loins and hips. He is a reining horse and was wearing slider shoes in the rear. He has a noticeable resemblance to his sire, TOPSAIL CODY.

Way of going: IN A SPIN is trained as a reining horse, which means that he is a handy horse who neck reins very well and has (to the trained eye) a slope to his hip and hock, characteristic of a horse that drops his hind quarters to slide stop. He is quick on his feet, spins around fast, turns quickly, and changes leads easily. These things distinguish him from a pleasure horse, hunter/jumper, etc.

Attitude: He is very broke and friendly, with no bad stall habits. He may jerk his head up quickly if someone lifts his hand quickly toward his face.

REWARD: $1,000 after horse is recovered

CONTACTS: Owner of IN A SPIN: Janie Harrison
Stable: Nova Quarter Horses (address above)
Contact at stable: Lorri Ebeling
phone: 708-479-3696
phone: 630-655-4161
fax number: 815-337-8069

Area Last Seen: Mokena, IL, 60448
Date Stolen: 9/28/1998