History For Horse named Stallion Purchased Under Suspicious Circumstances - Knoxville , Tn, 37901 | NetPosse ID #6330

Historical Search Horse Near Knoxville , Tn, 37901

NetPosse ID #: 6330
Name: Stallion Purchased Under Suspicious Circumstances
Gender: Stallion
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter horse
Description: Aged Black stallion 15-20 years old, 14hh-14.1hh. It has a scar on the back of the front left pastern and potentially has a spot on the front right. His tail has been hacked off, and he was dropped very quickly at Knoxville Livestock Auction, and the seller never returned. He ended up in my care, but I suspect he was stolen. If you know who may be looking for a black stallion, please let Stolen Horse International or me know. I want to do right by this horse. But don't get me wrong, if you say he is your horse, you must prove it. ----------------------------- Casting a wide net to see if you know this horse found in TN? Could someone be searching for this horse? Was he possibly stolen? He could be from anywhere in the USA, even in your state. I'd like you to please read the details below (and on his webpage) to learn why we are searching for a previous owner who may be missing this wonderful horse. We want them to know he is safe if we can find them. Someone has to be missing him.

Area: Knoxville , Tn, 37901
Date Last Purchased: 7/25/2023