Missing Mule named Ben Jammin - Westfield , NC, 27053 | NetPosse ID #6058

Missing Mule Near Westfield , NC, 27053

NetPosse ID #: 6058
Name: Ben Jammin
Gender: Gelding
Species: Mule
Breed: Mule
Description: 10 yrs ago I placed Ben with a gentleman who promised to give him a forever home. In lieu of money I required a signed a contract stating that he would be returned to me in the event that the gentleman was unable or unwilling to keep Ben. However this week I discovered that the gentleman's granddaughter has placed him with a trainer to be sold. The trainer has since taken down all sales adds, and sent him back to the granddaughters. However the granddaughters are still refusing to return him to me, and I believe they will try to quietly sell him privately. I have filed a report with law enforcement and am taking legal action against them.
Area Last Seen: Westfield , NC, 27053
Date Lost: 5/7/2023