Missing Horse named Reba - Duck, Wv, 25063 | NetPosse ID #5763

Missing Horse Near Duck, Wv, 25063

NetPosse ID #: 5763
Name: Reba
Gender: Female/ mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter horse
Description: Reba is an almost 2 year old quarter horse filly. She is 13. 2 hands. She is red roan but looks sorrel with her winter coat on. Shes 1 of 8 horses in the same field and the only one that has came up missing. She’s very friendly and the first one to the gate everytime. Could Reba be stolen too? Please download, print and post Reba's flyer from this link. Link https://netposse.com/?5763 Still no sign of Reba. There is no reason she would leave 8 other horses unless led out by someone. I will not stop until she is found. I’d know this mare as soon as I saw her. Please continue to share and watch sale barns for her. 1/13 - She’s always the first to the fence and comes every time I whistle… please pray we find her or that she is safe. She’s the sweetest baby I just hope she’s okay. 1/13/23 Missing horse! Possibly stolen Ossia rd Duck, WV Reba is a red roan but looks sorel with her winter coat on. She’s not even two yet. Ive searched all around my property no broken fence or tracks outside of my fence to say she just got out. If anyone sees her please let me know!
Area Last Seen: Duck, Wv, 25063
Date Lost: 1/13/2023