Missing Horse named Takoda - Denton , NC, 27239 | NetPosse ID #5751

Missing Horse Near Denton , NC, 27239

NetPosse ID #: 5751
Name: Takoda
Gender: Stud male
Species: Horse
Breed: Registered Miniature horse 2017
Description: ***MISSING*** REWARD lost registered miniature horse, his name is TAKODA he also has one blue eye. he is always in your pocket he is very friendly with people will ride in the car, sxs, and loves to be around people. He is very tame. He went missing in the DENTON NC area. We believe he has been picked up and possibly could be at an auction or for sale, please if anyone has any leads PM me he is our baby and we have had him since he was 6 months old he is 5 years old now.
Area Last Seen: Denton , NC, 27239
Date Lost: 12/28/2022