Missing Horse named Dylan - Ridgeland, Sc, 29936 | NetPosse ID #5712

Missing Horse Near Ridgeland, Sc, 29936

NetPosse ID #: 5712
Name: Dylan
Gender: Stallion
Species: Horse
Breed: Miniature
Description: Age 6yrs. Height 33”. Has a grey halter on (worn out). Last seen on bass lake at midnight on Monday December 26, 2022. May have a couple braids left in his mane as they were due to be redone yesterday. Super fluffy coat right now. He has a personality of his own loves to prance around. No he is short plump and happy with a little twang of sparky personality. He is still a stallion. Nothing unusual about him his mane is super long and thick. His tail is about 2” longer than his but is tall. Is not rideable. But carts and does halter. Loves brushings. He is calm when being held but is a pasture play showing off when released.
Area Last Seen: Ridgeland, Sc, 29936
Date Lost: 12/28/2022