Stolen Horse named Rye Advice - Logan, AL, 35098 | NetPosse ID #5109

Stolen Horse Near Logan, AL, 35098

NetPosse ID #: 5109
Name: Rye Advice
Species: Horse
Breed: Thoroughbred
Description: A lady named (check with Carol for details) 5'2 brown long hair, 220, along with a man she called her friend (check with Carol for details), 6'2 230 salt and pepper hair, came and rode my horse and told me what a wonderful home he would get (we were having to sell Shadow because of financial difficulties), got him loaded on a red 3 horse stock trailer. Then she gave me a check, listing her name as stated above. The check was through Southtrust I told her I really needed cash, but she told me she didn't make it to the bank. She put her home, work number and her driver license number down. She also told me and my daughter she would call us when she got home to let us know they made it there safe and sound; all along my daughter's eyes welling up with tears. She never called us. On Monday morning, I figured I would call her at work and see how Shadow was doing, work number disconnected, home number disconnected. When I called Southtrust to verify funds, the check was no good. When filing my police report they checked the driver license number that she had wrote down and it was no good also. I figured he was taken directly to the horse sale. I did call a couple of people that I know who visits horse sales to let them know what had happened. I am going to contact: Bynum Livestock sale in Attala, Al ( I think this is where he probably was taken) Natural bridge livestock sale in Natural Bridge, Al. Moulton stockyard in Moulton, Al. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Area Last Seen: Logan, AL, 35098
Date Stolen: 8/7/2004



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