Missing Horse named Doll - Crane Hill, AL, 35053 | NetPosse ID #3523

Missing Horse Near Crane Hill, AL, 35053

NetPosse ID #: 3523
Name: Doll
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse Appendix
Description: Taken in North Alabama- Appendix Quarter Horse: Aged spirited speckled grey mare leads ties good rides fast, BIRTHMARK TWO HAIR SWIRLS BETWEEN EYES, white eyelashes, almost invisible white pie bald blaze under white/grey face hair, grey muzzle, blonde mustache, Arabian type head, carries white tail out, tail stays stained by dirt when Doll lays down, black hoofs, left back front of hock has dark grey hair from old wound. about 15.2 hands tall about 1100 lbs they may have roached or shaved her mane, it gets cuckle burrs and wind tangles easy, mane grows on right side of neck, large dark eyes, speckled light grey when cool and gets dapple grey areas when hot, sweats easy because of age, VERY LOUD NICKER AND WHINNEY, herd bound, needs special feed all grain two times each day all you can eat quality hay free choice mineral blocks and water or loses weight very fast, needs dewormed every 2-3 months, hoofs filed every 6 weeks, left back leg was broken July 1st 2016 and she should not be ridden yet. it still had a small scab on February 09, 2017 when she was taken from her pasture.
Area Last Seen: Crane Hill, AL, 35053
Date Lost: 2/9/2017



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